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Whatever may be the business it can either online or any other it needs intelligent marketing strategies to make it success. In this competitive world, it is really difficult to make a successful business. The online business needs large amount of effort along with Internet marketing strategies. This is because the competitor of the same business will be there along; he will be visualizing all the changes that is been done on your online business.

So it is really necessary to have Internet marketing for all online business. Internet marketing helps to bring the targeted visitors to the site. We provide both organic and paid Internet marketing services like search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), Email marketing, Affiliate marketing and more.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) :

It is been analyzed that 80% of the visitors to a site are from the search engine. There is no use in being 10th and 15th page of a search engine, because most of the 90% of the visitor do not even move away from the first page of the search result. Search engine optimization is nothing but making your web site search engine friendly. We offer organic SEO to place your site on the first page of the search engine for your business keywords.

Activities of our search engine optimization process (SEO):

Onpage optimization:

  • Business Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Url optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Content review and modification
  • Google analytics code implementation and analysis
  • Code review and modification

Offpage optimization

  • Submitting to search engines
  • Manual Directory submission
  • Forum posting and Blog commenting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article syndication
  • Press release marketing

Pay per click (PPC) Advertising :

Pay per click advertising is one of the quickest and effective ways to promote a business online. Pay per click advertising is where the advertiser pays the publisher only for the clicks on the ads on the publisher site. Pay per click advertising is more effective when it is done in a proper way; it brings out a great return on investment (ROI).

Pay per Click advertising requires proactive monitoring, effective tracking and lots of analysis to make your business successful. Pay per Click campaigns can provide a measurable, steady amount of visitors to your online business. Relicon Services will work within your budget, small or large, to get you the most qualified traffic.

Our pay per click (PPC) service includes :

  • Creating campaigns
  • Keyword research and finding the best keywords to display the ads
  • Analyzing the website and identifying the target page for each keyword
  • Creating title and ad text with the call to action
  • Managing campaigns on search network and content network
  • Maintaining very good quality score
  • Providing detailed monthly reports with return on investment calculation(ROI)
  • Managing campaigns on monthly basis

Email Marketing:

Want to get closer to your customer to generate sale? Willing to create awareness? Email marketing is the best technique to do this. Email marketing helps you to personalize the message and ensure the product or business which becomes appealing to your customer.

Email marketing doesn’t meant sent lots of mails and filling the spam box. Email marketing involves crucial steps from identifying the right customers to proper formatting of email and managing the campaign. We provide effective Email marketing service to our customers making creative design, branding, and customization possibilities that get great results.

Our Email marketing services include :

  • Compiling Opt-in Email List
  • Email template design
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Email Campaign Measurement and Reporting

Affiliate Management:

Affiliate marketing is a powerful online marketing channel which brings out an opportunity to have partnership with innovative entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketing works strictly on pay for performance basis. In this way affiliate marketing allows you to partner with great bloggers and website owners and you pay them only for certain performance, such as sale or lead.

Affiliate marketing is always dominated by super affiliates. Super affiliates are none but the affiliate who drive most of the traffic to your program. It is proved that 95% of the affiliate marketing sales are done by 5% percent of affiliates; these 5% are the super affiliates. So it’s really necessary find out those super affiliates.

Our Affiliate marketing team has great experience spanning many affiliate programs in various industries. We just don’t connect you with any affiliates; we consider the quality of the affiliates and manage your account to bring enormous gain to your business.

Our Affiliate Marketing Management Services include :

  • Affiliate Account Set up
  • Affiliate Website Research
  • Banner and link creation with Affiliates
  • Creation of Affiliate page
  • Setting up the affiliate infrastructure
  • Affiliates review management
  • Weekly Reports

Social Media Optimization:

Social networks are the place where most of the web surfers hang out for long time. Social Media optimization plays a key role in bringing traffic to a site. It also increases the visibility of the site on the Internet. Advertising on social media also reaches the customers large extent.

Our Social media optimization services are :

  • Advertising in social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.
  • Creation of content for social media advertisement like text content, video content, animated content.
  • Online Press Submission.
  • Submitting to social bookmarking sites.